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Saturday, October 03, 2009

What's a stworek?

I found this picture on Google image search when I was looking for Polish handmade wooden chess sets for sale.. all the English and American imports are really expensive, so I thought I'd do a translate on wooden chess set into Polish to try and get one off a Polish site - it turns out to be.. "drewniane szachy kupić". Quite helpful actually! Google was then returning me nice folding chess sets from the Tatra mountains for approx £8 rather than £70 (and a picture of a stworek)! Any ideas what this picture is of? It looks a little like a chipmunk, but not quite! Google translate doesn't want to translate the word back into English for me, but when I do an image search on "stworek" it seems to bring back loads of pictures of monsters! I think that's a little unkind.. it's quite cute!

Update: ooh.. it's the translation of "Kreature" (Harry Potter), I guess if creature is "stwór", then it all makes sense! No wonder it wasn't in the dictionary.. still not sure what it's got to do with chess though..

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