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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Michael Jackson single - "This Is It"

Classic Michael Jackson style, I like it! Apparently it was actually written at least 19 years ago, which probably accounts for that. Although it was written by Michael Jackson and Paul Anka, it was originally recorded by Sa-Fire as a track called "I Never Heard" on her 1990 album "I Wasn't Born Yesterday".

This newly released version was created from a demo tape featuring just Jackson's vocals and a piano, and then more instrumentation and backing vocals by Jackson's brothers were added after his death. I think they've done a great job!

By the way, I've just booked us up some tickets to go and see "This Is It" in the cinema during the limited 2 week run at the end of October.. we were just going to show up on the day, but it seems that tickets are selling out fast for this too! Incredible..


Mum said...

Good stuff,I wonder if there are any more hidden away to be released at a later date?

kipperfrog said...

Yeah there are hundreds apparently! We found quite a few on youtube already, although how long they'll be there I don't know! The video I posted on here yesterday was removed by Sony for copyright infringement! They haven't found the new one I found yet!!