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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We just got back from Lilly's first birthday party, and what a day to have as your birthday, brilliant! Birthday pumpkins, everyone dressed up as witches and spiders and skeletons, treasure hunt in the dark with torches, jelly with sweets in, fireworks and a bouncy castle, followed by trick or treating! I forgot how fun bouncy castles are!! I don't think I'm quite as fit as I used to be though!!

The pictures are from Tulley's Farm Halloween Festival, in Turners Hill. We saw signs for it on the way back from Wakehurst Place last Sunday, it was excellent! There's a really big farm shop there, a bit like Priory Farm in Nutfield, selling all kinds of local produce, lovely food, and beers from local breweries like the Hog's Back. We were thinking ahead and stocked up on Sussex honey to build up our hayfever immunity for the summer!

Anyway, outside they had loads going on for halloween, lots geared towards kids, like scary entertainers*, rides, spooky corn mazes, pumpkin firing guns, and all sorts, they also had loads of different catering trucks outside, doing hog roast and lots of other sorts of foods to warm you up! I think the entertainment went on into the evening too because they were selling tickets for the evening. We just walked in for free during the day though, result!

*when I say scary, I mean scary! There was one that made me lose a tenner I'd just got as cashback! I was holding it one second, then this guy started making some really freaky screaming noises and convulsing around which made me jump, and the next thing I knew I'd completely lost my money! I must have chucked it somewhere in surprise!

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