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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Robo-Dustcart Ate Our Wheelie Bin! :-O

Well, in Horsham we have these special dustcarts, they are very futuristic. The first time I saw one I was really freaked out.. they park up next to your wheelie bins, and just as you are wondering where all the bin men are, a long robotic gripper arm emerges out of the side of the truck and grabs your bin, lifts it high up into the air, and then shakes it around, tipping all of your rubbish into the back of the cart. It's very clever really, but the first time I saw it I happened to be walking past one of the bins it was grabbing! It reminded me of something out of Wallace & Gromit, and I was just imagining all the scary things that could happen when you're not paying attention around a gadget like that.. most of which end up with you as dog food! Funnily enough, when I was googling these beasts just now (trying to find a picture of one for this post) I came across a bit of a nasty story.. you don't need to read it, but the moral of the story is, don't sleep in wheelie bins, just remember that!

Here's one from the Netherlands!
Image source: Wikipedia

Anyway, I digress.. I started to like these robo-dustcarts after one morning I forgot to put the bin out on time, and had to chase the dustcart down the road with our wheelie bin. The dustcart driver must have noticed me legging it down the road, so he leaned out of the window and asked if I wanted to have a go with the grabber.. there it was.. the day I got to feed the robot! It was great!

Now, it seems that today, it has all turned sour, this robot is getting greedy.. rubbish is no longer enough.. it seems our poor wheelie bin was eaten for breakfast! Unbelievable! After a tip off from our neighbour, James phoned up the council to complain about our bin being stolen by the bin men, only to be told that unfortunately it had dropped into the rubbish pit in the back of the truck, and fallen casualty to the dustcart's crushers! Meep!

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