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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Custom Kidrobot DUNNYs

Custom Kidrobot DUNNYs
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He's Bam Margera, he loves to skate, he also likes to shake things up a little..

I don't know why they call them DUNNYs, I'm guessing Kidrobot is not an Australian company.. It's a bit like Nintendo calling their console Wii.. nice! Anyway, this is my DUNNY.. I got it as a blank glow in the dark one a couple of years ago, when we were watching way too much Viva La Bam on MTV! Each one comes with some random extras - mine came with a skateboard and a giant crayon, so I thought it had to be turned into Bam really! James' one is the biker in the middle.. he's still waiting for his trousers! I think 2 years is a little harsh..

I think I'd like one this size for our house! =) Soo cool! Maybe it could go on the roof!

pintando en vivo 2
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Mum said...

Beats having a Father Christmas up there!

kipperfrog said...

Now that's an idea! How about both?!