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Sunday, October 11, 2009


So, on Saturday we ventured up the Purley way.. very bravely.. Saturday in IKEA is never a good place to be! I think Tuesday at about 10pm is probably optimum - no crowds, no traffic.. amazing! But, no, we decided to go and choose our new wardrobe at about midday on the busiest, busiest, crazy driver-est time of the week! I think we must enjoy a challenge.. hehe.. James will tell you all about it..

Anyway, despite deciding not to opt for their recommended mish-mash wood colour combo wardrobe, appealing as it sounded, we did manage to pick up some lovely goodies!

I got a couple of these nice red lanterns..

IKEA lantern
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..and while I was waiting for James to get back from the Customer Services desk, I couldn't help but look around the Christmas decorations section.. I think I was fairly restrained to stop at only getting these ones..

Swedish decorations!
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they are very cool! I was so tempted by the giant reindeer too though!

After a quick detour to Croydon to look at more cowboy merchandise, erm I mean 'work shoes' for James, we eventually made it to Wing Yip, despite TomTom's best effort to send us to Beddington gun shop.. (hmm, James?!)..

We stocked up on all the essentials =)

Wing Yip goodies
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and we couldn't resist getting one of these beautiful tiger rolls for Gemma, to go with her birthday pressie.. I think that has to be the most amazing type of swiss roll in the whole world! I don't know what it tastes like, but it looks beautiful!

Tiger roll
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Next, to the crockery section.. James needed a new mug for school.. done! It's quite cool, not only does it have a lid to keep the heat in, it also has an internal filter, so you can put your loose tea in the bottom of the mug, and not have it escape!

Chinese mug
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We also got some beautiful new chopsticks..

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And for dinner.. well, they'd actually sold out of most stuff by the time we made it to the Tai Pan bakery, but we did manage to get these.. a lovely coconut paste moon cake, and a coconut and cream cake, yum! Hehe.. as you can see, James' one didn't last long!

Moon cake
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Mum said...

So glad you enjoyed the IKEA experience what a shambles!We struggled there to buy a futon for Kipperfrog and after all the traffic hassle,crowds moving slowly like grazing cattle,crying children,furious adults etc etc they were out of stock.We ended going to Brighton, much nicer!