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Thursday, October 08, 2009


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I thought I'd share my moo card collage with you! A couple of years back I ordered 100 moo minicards from flickr - they were the best buy ever! =) I picked out 100 of my most favourite photos, and then cropped them to the long, thin moo card shape using their special software, ordered them, and a few days later they showed up through the post! They are amazing quality, with a beautiful matt finish.. I'd been keeping them safe in their little box since I got them, but a few months ago I had the idea of sticking them in a frame to display at our wedding reception! Well, I framed them up, but then totally forgot to put them out on the day! Haha.. well it's nice to have them in a frame now anyway, they have pride of place in our kitchen! I've tagged up the photo so you can see where all the pictures were taken, just click on the picture to see it big in flickr..

These cards are £11.99 for 100 by the way, really good price! I think I'll be ordering my next batch before long! =)

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Anonymous said...

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