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"Don't think, feel....it is like a finger pointing towards the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!" -Bruce Lee

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunshine and Biggin Hill Airshow

So we woke up on Saturday.. and summer was here! We thought this would probably be our one opportunity to enjoy some some sunshine this year, with the English summer usually lasting about a day at most, so off we went to Biggin Hill airshow! This is the first year we've actually gone inside, because usually you can get a pretty good view of the displays from our garden at home, or from Biggin Hill town, but after many recommendations we thought it had to be done! Inside there were tonnes of stalls, a bit like the South of England show, but with a bit more of a military theme, loads of army and air force surplus stuff for sale which was quite tempting! Lol we saw a couple of people wandering round trying to look like pilots in their blatantly air force surplus uniforms.. hehe.. well there's nothing wrong with getting into the part I s'pose (no worse than spock ears), as long as you don't get any big ideas about any of the fighter jets scattered about the place, yeah they even let you sit in them! Oh they did have some of those RAF fighter jet helmets for sale too, which WERE really cool! I also found out that there is such a thing as an air cadet, I guess its obvious really seeing as there are sea cadets and army cadets, but it just never occurred to me; I wonder if they get to fly as much as I got to sail on the T.S. Ark Royal in Redhill, lol, "Ready aye ready!".

What they had there for the actual airshow I'll show in pictures.. they will be uploaded in a sec.. update: or not! for some reason blogger won't let me upload any photos to this post! sorry!

Anyway, when we got home we were so tired, and just looking forward to a "nice cup of tea and a sit down" lol, well a glass of water anyway, but then we realised we'd both forgotten our keys. Isn't that always the way?! So it turned out we made a bit more of a day of it than we'd planned, and headed out to find somewhere with a nice cold drink! We ended up at the 'Blue Anchor' in Reigate where we sat in the beer garden and watched the cricket over the wall, before heading off for a walk around Priory Park. We climbed up 'breakneck' hill to look at the view towards Dorking, and then got confused about what the hill we were on was actually called. Hmm.. I mean, we always referred to it as either 'Seal Hill' or 'The Top', but then James pointed out that if you approach from Woodhatch then it's called 'Cockshott Hill'. To complicate matters further, Dad said later that it, and the surrounding area of South Park used to be referred to as 'Light Hill', so I have no idea! Seems like a glance at an ordinance survey map is in order! I so want it to be called 'Seal Hill', that's my favourite!

Oh yeah while we were up there we also tried to be good brownies and help out an old lady who'd apparently lost her friend "that stupid man!" and his dog, who had somehow managed to desert her at the top, with a dislocated ankle and a fractured something else.. mutter mutter.. he was meant to be taking her to visit her dog's ashes up there, but for some reason had disappeared and left her! Lol we searched around for him, went down to the bottom of the hill to where his car was parked and couldn't find him, but then when James ran back to report, this old guy finally reappeared behind her on her way down.. Ooh he was in for such a telling off!

So we headed back home after that, and decided as Mum & Dad were just setting off home from Horsham we still had some time to kill before we could be let in, so we nipped in to Morrisons to get some stuff for BBQII! Not bad going, two in a week! This time we did Salmon steak and grilled vegetables which was lovely! =)


flyingpops said...

Just so you know - We have a spare set of keys for Oxted if you ever lock yourself out again :)

kipperfrog said...

Ooh brilliant! Thanks!