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Thursday, June 01, 2006

BBQ SOS & A's first birthday!

Ooh we had our first ever BBQ in Brighton yesterday out on our concrete roof garden. Made my special watermelon, red onion, rocket, feta cheese and black olive salad, yummo, and James cooked his peppered beef steak lovely! My veggie sausages.. less successful! Must be something to do with the less than 5% fat content, lol. We got through about 5 or 6 firelighters in an attempt to make it a bit more enthusiastic, and also tried pouring some parafin on the coal (setting part of the wall on fire in the process), but to no avail! How do you get these things to cook on a BBQ?! They ended up kinda singed and blackened, and thoroughly uncooked in the middle! Suffice it to say, I enjoyed some lovely OVEN grilled veggie burgers (sitting in front of the BBQ at least)!

In the eve I went out with some of my coursemates to celebrate the end of degree, and belated birthday drinkage for Tom! We went to the black lion, audio on the seafront, and then the honey club afterwards (lol, I had to go there once during my whole time at uni), and ended up eating chips on the beach at about one in the morn. Excellent! I'm really glad they didn't search me at the hc though because I was carrying a pen knife! I only realised in the queue when I saw all the signs up about zero tolerance of just about everything, oops! Well, you never know when you might need one!

And today, of course is little A's first birthday, so we went over to Horsham for his birthday tea at Pizza Express! =) Hopefully he will enjoy his 'Pound N Cheese' toy: it involves whacking multicoloured mice into a piece of cheese with a hammer, cruel but fun, I think he was getting quite into the hitting stuff with a hammer thing!

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¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

BBQ 101 - Always cook everything thoroughly in the oven before you get to the coal stage...2 exceptions - Sweetcorn (to be chopped into 2 inch sections and soaked for 10 minutes in water) and veggie kebabs (to be drizzled with olive oil) make sure they are on metal skewers to, wooden ones burn...See procedure here...