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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Save our green belt land!

So, on Saturday we walk down to the fields to be greeted by this.. I cannot believe it.. the council didn't even bother telling us local residents about it, only a few people over in the Greenacres road (obviously hoping they wouldn't kick up a fuss). We actually heard about it second hand from a lady who lives over there who has gone around posting urgent flyers through people's doors about it! Basically, the plan is to build a road from Chichele Road, right through the fields and the lovely bluebell woods to Barnett Shaw where they plan to construct a new bore hole. These fields are where the people of Oxted walk their dogs off their leads in the knowledge that they're safe from traffic, and kids go to play, it is a very picturesque area of green belt land, incorporated into walks along the Greensand Way.. ramblers and horse riders actually come here to enjoy the countryside.. well, not for much longer if this goes ahead. It's not even as if it's a great place to build a bore hole, it is a clay and greensand area: not great for storing up water..

and draining off what water there is can only cause problems for the neighbouring buildings like the schools and the housing (like mine!). It seems strange that there is such an abundance of water in other places.. like on Barrow Green Road (from the stream that runs down the hill), and this place just outside Oxted that is giving away its water to local sports clubs. I can only think they have a hidden agenda, and want to free up the land for housing development, as they suggest on the sign! This cannot happen! I've just sent off my letter to the council.. hopefully it will do something anyway. Otherwise we will have to start lying in front of bulldozers!


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