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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brighton: the unseen bits

Well, today we decided, as we only have a few more weeks in Brighton we will try and see as many of the bits we haven't been to before as we can, and get some photos of random places that day trippers normally miss.

This evening we walked up the backway to the station past all of the building works (they're building a whole load of NY style appartment blocks and offices up there), and got some piccies of the graffiti on the boards put up around the site.. seriously that stuff is amazing! If you are going to do graffiti, do it proper like these guys! I've been meaning to take some photos all year actually, each time I used to walk down from the train I used to spend ages looking at it all, so I'm glad to have snapped 'em before they pull the whole lot down!

Red sky at night: this was taken on the way up to the station, on top of the arches is the Brighton -> Seaford line which I caught to uni every day!

I'll post more pictures a bit later if it lets me lol..

Then we went up to the Seven Dials! The novelty hasn't worn off this place yet, I still think it's amazing we found it just up the hill from us at Preston Circus! Ok, so it's just a crazy seven way crossroads really, but I like it! Ever since I first came down to Brighton 3 years ago, I've heard people talking about this elusive place, and never have I known what it was or how to find it! It just seemed like everything great was happening at the Seven Dials, this magical invisible place.. it was even where the Canadian lady with the diapers lives (but that's another story). There's a stange combination of exclusive looking restaurants/exciting looking estate agencies and bookies/kebab shops up there, with a scattering of interesting looking Brighton shops! We will have to go up there to get some food I think, the Japanese restaurant has been highly recommended!

Photos to follow!

Around by the station was really bizarre, at about half past 8 at night there were still random shops open, people wandering about singing loudly to themselves (and England weren't even playing today!), and the pubs had people milling about outside so you could hear snippets of conversation as you walked by.. this combined with the music playing from various houses about the place, and no doubt the happy chappie with the cuddly dog and toy guitar's stereo, created an ambient noise not dissimilar to the ye olde London of the London Dungeons' Jack the Ripper experience or something. Surreal.


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