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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Presentations cancelled =)

"Unfortunately the situation with regard to the AUT boycott of assessment has not changed since April, and it does not seem likely that the boycott will be lifted in the next few days. Since we are almost at the end of the exam period we have run out of time to schedule and give adequate notice of when presentations should take place. I am therefore cancelling the presentations. I'm not doing this lightly, because I know that you've put a lot of effort into designing and developing some great systems. But there is no reasonable alternative. I can't pre-judge what the exam board will decide to do about the missing marks, but I'm sure it will try as hard as it can to be fair to all."

Well I'm glad I don't have to do that, but they'd really better mark my dissertation or there'll be trouble! Oh yikes! BTW, have you seen the date today? As Fink just pointed out, it's: 06/06/06 the day of the beast! Now that's not going to happen again for a while! That reminds me actually, I found this really good postcard a few years ago which I nearly put up on my door when I lived on campus:

but I thought it maybe wouldn't be the best way to make friends ;P


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Keep the "norms" at bay though... ;)

bigblue said...

Don't worry, it's actually 616.
Although I did delete some data accidentally from my blog yesterday. And now I can't restore it ... must have been a delayed reaction from 6 January, or 1 June, or whatever.