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Monday, June 19, 2006

Brighton: the unseen bits ctd.

Ok, I've tried quite a few times now, and blogger definitely will not let me put any more photos in my post about the unseen bits of Brighton, quite appropriate to the title though I guess! Anyway, with a bit of luck, you will be able to see some of my photos of the Seven Dials area shortly!

This is the road up the hill to the Seven Dials, up behind Brighton station

This is the tunnel leading from the Seven Dials down to Preston Circus and London Road where we're staying at the moment.. over it runs the railway line into Brighton Station from pretty much everywhere else. During the day it just looks like a plain old tunnel, but at night it is lit up beautifully with red->blue lighting...

This is the seven dials roundabout/crossroads, so named because it is a seven way junction, you really have to know your stuff if you head over here otherwise you could be here all day trying to remember which way it was you wanted to go. There's a nice shopping street full of unusual restaurants, kebab houses, craft shops, and mini supermarkets off in one direction, on one corner is the Seven Dials restaurant which looks very classy, but entirely out of our price range lol..

On another corner is this amazing estate agents.. I just wonder if they all come out with migraines after working there all day! I know that last year when I had red curtains in my room, when I walked out onto the stairs everything would appear a nasty shade of green..


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Beautiful shots... :)

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