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Thursday, May 04, 2006

No presentation then?!

Looks like the AUT strike action is still going on at uni, with no hope of it being resolved in the near future apparently. No presentation for me this week then.. darn, lol!

The academic unions AUT and NATFHE voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action last week and warned today that unless the employers make a concerted and swift effort to resolve the pay dispute, millions of students will be left with coursework unmarked, lectures and seminars cancelled, and their exam programmes thrown into chaos.

Fun! It is unfair on the lecturers though, with such an increase in tuition fees next year I really think they should get a bit of a rise! Especially as..

'After decades of fine words from employers while academic salaries declined, lecturers are demanding that their salary levels are restored to those of comparable professionals. Nobody disputes they deserve it and billions of pounds of new funding now make this catch-up possible. Vice chancellors recently paid themselves a 25% increase over three years. [so why not everyone else?]'

C'mon, they're doing a good job, just give them a bit more money, otherwise the universities will be devoid of researchers and lecturers, as well as students (who can't afford the new tuition fees).

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