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Saturday, May 20, 2006

The DaVinci Code

Wow, Oxted cinema is giving away all their old movie posters, you can just go into their bar area and pick them up in exchange for a donation to charity, cool! We got Mission Impossible 3 and The DaVinci code ones yesterday eve when we went to see TDVC. Lol, haven't got anywhere to put them but hey, just wanted them! Hopefully they'll still be doing that when Superman comes out.

Anyway, the film, excellent! Really enjoyed it! Loved it when the film had finished the row of old ladies behind us were all saying to one another.. "oooh, that McKellen's a nasty piece of work! ...ooh i know!". I can't believe there have been bad reviews of it, saying its boring and what have you, all I can think of is it must be an attention span problem (not enough explosions). Also, I didn't realise they'd filmed part of it just up the road from here at Biggin Hill airport, how exciting! Completely missed that! What else.. ooh that Silas, he's scary! Actually we saw him on the Jonathan Ross show when we got back and he looked disappointingly non-creepy, lol, and he's not even a real albino, it was a wig and makeup, lol! Apparentlty lots of albinos are complaining about the film because it yet again portrays an albino villain, some kind of stereotyping or something, although I'm not sure I remember any other albino villains in anything at all. I must have a bad memory, or not watch that type of film...

Luckily I hadn't finished reading the book before going to see TDVC, which I think was probably a good thing because firstly I couldn't complain about slight discrepancies between them that I always seem to notice, and secondly I found the ending surprising! It would have been annoying if I'd known what was going to happen all along I think. So yes, a good film if you ask me! One strange thing I've heard though, which I find a little worrying, is that people seem to be taking the book not as a work of fiction, but as some kind of feasible conspiracy theory. There are people taking pilgrimages to various places in the book and looking for evidence, which I do find slightly bizarre.


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

I'm probably going to watch it tonight, looking forward to it because I haven't read the book for *ages*, *have* started playing the xbox game though, which is actually suprisingly good, it plays a bit like "Farenheight" but with much better puzzles! It's cool!

Daniel said...

Who'd have thought the albino monk would look like Darth Sidious! ;)

kipperfrog said...

Lol,I know! It's uncanny!