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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Happy Birthday James! (for yesterday)

7am, unbelievable! I'm a student, I don't do early mornings! But, well, it was James' birthday, and a bank holiday.. so got woken up bright and early to open pressies.. he got a unicycle from my parents so that was pretty fun! We went out in the garden and had a go, lol, I can just about stay on it for about 10 seconds, and move a tiny bit around whilst grabbing on to James, and by the end of the morning he'd managed to go up and down the hall on it, crashing into the occasional mirror! Will post pictures when we look more impressive, lol!

We then ate some MORE cake!! Two birthdays, and three cakes in 5 days, wow!

And went over to James' parents' to the sound of high pitched ocarina played along to Jack Johnson.. I'm still not convinced that it's safe to drive and play ocarina at the same time.

After that we headed off down to Brighton in all the bank holiday mayhem, which actually was not as bad as I was expecting. Looked around the shops, and accidentally might have bought an Xbox (it was a bargain! only 50 squids in GAME!)..hrm..

Finally, rounded off the evening with a nice curry at the Elizabethan Tandoori in Patcham, that place is excellent! Avoid the prawn cocktail, but other than that the food is the best! They also do banana bhajee, and mango lassi, you just can't go wrong! Yumm..

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Happy Birthday Jago!