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Saturday, May 27, 2006

AUT action update

This is an e-mail I received about what's happening at Sussex uni about the AUT action..

You will be aware that the main academic union, the Association ofUniversity Teachers (AUT), have called on their members at all universitiesto take action in support of their national pay claim, including notparticipating in assessment activities such as marking or grading.

The University wants to ensure that students continue to be kept up to datewith the ways in which Sussex is aiming to manage the possible effects ofAUT action locally and reduce the impact on students.

We are consulting with Students Union Officers about steps which can betaken to support students through this period. Where you have concerns, youshould in the first instance contact your School or departmental office foradvice. The USSU also offers support and a route to raise issues (directlyor via their web forum) which may in turn be brought to the University bythe sabbatical team.

Virtually all exams are operating as normal and scripts are being madeavailable for collection by staff as normal. The University is of courseaware that finalists particularly will be concerned about possible impacton obtaining jobs or access to further study. We are continuing to plan onthe basis that Summer 2006 graduation events will occur on 20-21 July. We are also looking at ways in which finalists can be supported in the eventthat fully classified degrees cannot be issued at the normal time. Thiscould include making transcripts and official supporting statementsavailable immediately to confirm that degrees will be awarded.

Senate, on which students are represented, has given authority forexamination rules to be interpreted and operated flexibly in this situation, for example where marks are missing, while maintaining rigorousacademic standards.

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