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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The new Uri Gellar, the Rasta spoon bender of Brighton..

There's this guy we spotted in Brighton today, selling jewellery made out of cutlery! Strange as it may sound, this stuff is really cool: he makes rings out of curled round spoon handles, bracelets out of forks, and necklaces from spoon ends beaten into interesting shapes, some holding crystals. I think the forks were some of the cleverest, he made all of the spikes into wiggly strips of metal sticking out all over the place! Such an innovative idea. James bought a cool spoon ring from him, and the guy even adjusted the size to fit him perfectly, by hacking off a bit and filing it all down nicely! Excellent! Apparently he's been travelling all over the world for 4 years making and selling these things.. he told us some Canadian guys had just come up to him here in Brighton and said they'd seen someone doing the same thing in Vancouver, but it wasn't anywhere near as good, lol, the guy was bemused because it was him they'd seen in Vancouver! So wierd..


marcuse said...

Well I saw a guy making jewelry out of forks and spoons, sometimes with addtions of marbles and gemstones. He also made mobiles and "suncatchers". This guy was in Cape Town, ten years ago.

kipperfrog said...

Really? I wonder if it was the same guy, or if that's where he got the idea from!