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Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm kipperfrog, I've served with the British Junior Sea Cadets, I've climbed to the summit of Box Hill..

..and crossed the choppy oceans of The Channel. Now I'm heading into the remote Dorking wilderness, hundreds come here to pay tribute to the magical silver cockerel, but each year 60 people will need rescuing. I'm going to show the skills needed to survive here..

This area gets the most extreme rubbish weather than anywhere in the UK. All I've got with me is my knife, my water bottle, and my survival bracelet..

Well, actually I forgot my knife and water bottle, but you never know when you might need 8ft of paracord and a guitar pick!!

James has got the skills, I love my survival bracelet! =)


Anonymous said...

Does it actually have any function related to survival?

Looks like it's made from some leftover yarn.

Anonymous said...

I re-read it again and I think I understand it now.

Quite funny I suppose ....

kipperfrog said...

http://www.survivalistboards.com/showthread.php?t=24919 =) That stuff is tough! If you watch Bear Grylls you will understand!

William said...

Bear Grylls is the man! I tell you what he's exactly the kinda guy I'd go for if I was a lady! :)