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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mystery pudding

I just got back from my third Christmas dinner this year, this time with my old disbanded team. The funny thing is, after all these Christmas dinners, this pudding is the only festive thing I've had so far! It was a miniature Christmas pudding, only about 4cms across! A little on the small side, very tasty though!

I was a little dubious about the thing on top, it looked like a Chinese lantern! After the multicoloured cherub decoration that I was tempted to sample in the Chinese restuarant last week turned out to be made entirely of salt, I didn't think I'd chance it! You can't take for granted that the things put on your plate are actually food! Any ideas what it is?!

Location:Red Lion, Betchworth


William said...

Nooooooo..... You missed out on a real treat there. They are lively. Really sweet and fragrant!

William said...


kipperfrog said...

Oh isn't that just typical!! I'm gonna have to try and find another one now!