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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pretty Gibson SG Zoot Suit Guitars

Pretty Gibson SG Guitars
Originally uploaded by kipperfrog
We went to Brighton today, and spotted these beautiful Gibson SG Zoot Suit guitars in GAK. I've never seen anything like them before, very very nice..

Apparently the body is built with multiple birch wood laminate pieces (each one approximately .075” thick), each dyed with a different colour then compressed and bonded together to form one solid block of wood.

I dread to think how much they cost!


Anonymous said...

Before I reached he last line I was thinking: ka-ka-ching!

So no price tag and as they say if u have to ask .....,

Was in Tiffanys down Bond Street the other weekend and nothing had prices on them - I HATE that! - Tiny little butterfly pendant with thin chain and I thought how bad can that be?

So asked about it and she went into the whole spiel and then said platinum and 'diamond' - uh oh - 3 grand ....

We smiled sweetly then pretended to suddenly not understand English.

kipperfrog said...

haha awesome trick, I pulled that one when I went to Chessington world of Adventures and was messing around on Bubble Works.. we all pretended to be French, it was great!

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