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Friday, December 18, 2009

The only trouble with all this snow photographing..

Horsham snow
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is that I've gone and given myself a cold! Last night, I kept waking up all through the night, and at one point James had to wake me up because I was having a nightmare about a shark.. I guess being all coldy is a bit like swimming underwater, but I'm not really sure where the shark came from!

James' school was closed today, due to it being at the top of a snowy hill and all, so he is now officially on Christmas hols, yay! I've just got 2 more days to go now, and I worked from home today - didn't fancy going anywhere much further than the front door today, it's way too cold!!

Luckily enough, we had our first 2 DVDs show up LOVEFiLM today. Laura sent us a 2 month free membership voucher the other day, so I decided to sign up.. it's a great service! You can pick out all the films and TV series' you fancy seeing, and make up a list on their website (they just seem to have every DVD ever on there!), and then they post them to you two at a time! It's a DVD rental service, whereby you can keep the DVDs as long as you like, but it's actually in your best interests to watch them and post them back as soon as possible so that you can be sent your next batch. It seems to be pretty much next day delivery, which isn't bad! We got 'The Proposal', and 'Oz and James Drink to Britain' today, very cool. We just watched 'The Proposal', which was pretty funny. Very interesting to see Alaska too, in a non-survival scenario! Oz and James later.. we've been watching the other two Big Wine Adventure series' they did, which were excellent! I just love all their bickering! Sound wine advice too, we tried their recommended 'decent wine for under a tenner' -a Californian Zinfandel called 'Ravens Wood', and it was very very nice!

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Anyway, to go with the films, I got us a nice giant bar of chocolate, because nothing fixes a cold like chocolate! =)

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