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Friday, September 18, 2009

James May's lego house warming!

James May's lego house
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Well it seems as though today is the day of James May's lego house warming! I read on the Denbies blog yesterday that the house was complete, so James came to collect me from work today so that we could go and take a look!

We were slightly disappointed when we got up to the top of the hill to find that the house was a bit more fenced off than last time, and was surrounded by security guards.. we initially thought, ho hum, we'll get a few photos from a distance and then be off again, but then I thought I'd be cheeky and asked one of the security guards if there was any way we could get some photos from the other side.. he told us that we could walk around a whole load of grape vines over to the left, and that way we could get to the top barrier.. cool! Just as we got there, we were lining up our photos, and who should appear out of the house, none other than James May! =) Hooray! Good timing!

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According to another one of the security guards (who was helpfully holding on to the barrier for me while I climbed on it to take some photos), this evening was the climax of the whole project! We watched James May and another guy pouring out champagne, and drinking from champagne glasses made out of lego! If you zoom in on that photo you can see them..

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Not sure how much he liked it though, judging by this one!

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We also saw them smashing the lego champagne bottle, although no photo of that because the security guy was telling us all about his dog at that point! hehe..

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Then came the coolest surprise, we were just walking back through the car park and we spotted Tiff Needell sitting in his car! He was on his mobile, but he waved to us (probably because James was saying "it's Tiff, it's Tiff!!", and I was saying, what are you talking about?! That's a man! Hehe.. we were loitering about a bit near his car wondering how rude it would be to take a photo of him while he's on the phone, and we'd just decided that the answer was *very*, when he called us over saying "Are you waiting for me?".. it was quite funny, he was hoping that we were going to give him a lift up to the lego house for the house warming! We told him that probably they wouldn't stop him driving up there, but we'd probably get escorted off the premises! Anyway, he was a lovely bloke, and kindly agreed to let me take a photo of him with James! =) It was kind of tempting to hang around Denbies for a while to see who else was going to show up, but dinner called.. we'll soon find out when we watch James May's Toy Stories - I can't wait!

Update: Mo has just pointed out another celebrity in these photos! The bald guy with James May drinking all the champagne is Oz Clarke from Oz and James' Big Wine Adventure, and Food & Drink!

Update Update: Oh my goodness, I just had a look at the 'Save James May's Lego House!!!!!' group on facebook, it's got pictures inside! It looks amazing!! More here too..


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, hope your brother isn't to upset with you after avidly following this project, we all know how much he would've liked to have captured the celeb's... well done and thanks for sharing with us. A&R

kipperfrog said...

Hehe, yeah I know.. it was just very lucky timing on our part!! Apparently he only stayed one night in the end because the bed was really uncomfortable, and it rained through the lego too, not good! It's a shame they're going to demolish it on Tuesday though, I would have loved to get a look inside!

Mum said...

We went Tuesday and there was only the wooden structure left.