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Sunday, September 13, 2009

I <3 Eva Solo

We went to John Lewis in Kingston today to pick up our wok from Mum and Dad, and also to spend our wedding vouchers, and we managed to find some super good bargains! =) We managed to pick up a lovely Tefal non-stick wok for half price - through James' amazing bargaining skills, and then we spotted one of these...

Yay! It's an Eva Solo CafeSolo - it's funny actually as we were talking about this thing on Friday! When we were on our honeymoon, we stayed one night with some friends of ours in Germany, and they had the coolest coffee purcolator that they'd bought in Denmark.. it's a glass flask which wears a kind of surfer wetsuit type jacket to insulate, and on top it has a clever bung thing with a filter attached. It works in such a way that your put the ground coffee in the flask, along with about 6 mugs worth of boiling water, and the filter keeps all of this in, while allowing the filtered coffee to pour out around the side of the bung - it's all very clever! Anyway, after remembering about this thing, we decided to look it up on the Internet on Friday, and it turned out to cost around £70?! We thought we'd give up on the idea, but then what are the chances.. we saw it in John Lewis today for £25! Brilliant! They actually had a whole stand of stuff from the same designer, and we actually ended up getting these too..
2 thermal cups for £11, not bad! We just tested them out with the coffee from the purculator and it was crazy - I'd poured boiling water into the CafeSolo about 10 minutes before, and just left it while I was doing some washing up, then poured it out into the cups.. the cups just stayed the same temperature, so we were thinking maybe the flask wasn't so great at retaining heat as we'd thought.. then we went to try the coffee and the water was pretty much as hot as it had been when it came out of the kettle! Amazing design all round, I can see why they've won so many awards. Highly recommended. I now have a bit of a wish list from their range!

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