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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The coolest view in London at night

The middle of the Millennium bridge at night, has got to be just about my favourite view in London at night! We went up to Vinopolis on Bankside last night for a comedy night, and we decided to go for a walk along the South Bank afterwards - absolutely beautiful at night, and not full of tourists! We walked past the Globe Theatre, and up to the Tate Modern, then up across the Millennium Bridge.. I love the way they've placed the bridge so that it lines up directly with St Paul's Cathedral, all lit up at night, and to the left - London Bridge - it's pretty much as central London as you can get I think! There look like some nice restaurants along the South Bank, there was one with great big flaming torches and drum music outside which looked pretty cool. It makes me want to go back with the big camera, and go up the London Eye at night too, I think that would be amazing.. one day!


Mum said...

Absolutely beautiful pics,oddly we were there on Sunday at St Paul's, because Jeremy Lloyd was playing a concert on the organ there.We went to the pub on the end of the Millenium Bridge.We also said we want to go back!

kipperfrog said...

Thanks! =) Oh wow, that is a coincidence! We'll probably bump into you on the London Eye next time!