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Monday, July 17, 2006


Poor James was off work ill for the end of last week, and completely lost his voice this weekend, too much shouting at children if you ask me. Anyway, on Friday 'Superman Returns' came out in the cinema, so we drove over to Croydon to see it at Vue! The drive over there actually took a little longer than expected; we started to notice after a while that all the signs to Croydon actually take you to Purley Way and then disappear, I think it's some kind of elaborate scheme to keep people out of the town centre, but Purley Way is always mayhem! We ended up driving to the highest vantage point we could find, looking for the tall buildings, and then nipping down a whole load of residential streets until we ended up in town, wierd! I think we must have missed something.

So 'Superman Returns' was excellent. They had put so much effort into getting it to fit in with the genre of the other films, the look was just the same (without coming across dated), and Brandon Routh was able to pull himself off as Christopher Reeeve amazingly well! Even the intro sequence was so well done, the graphics were just beautiful. Although there were a couple of 'with a bound' things that I would have changed with the plot at the end, maybe that would just be giving it the Peter Jackson treatment, it is already around three hours in length. One good thing is, the film has opened up the possibility for even more sequels! I can't remember what James said, but I think it was either another 3 or 5 are planned if this one is a success. Oh yeah, other movie news, another Rocky film is in production which should be good.

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¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Watched a bit of it, agree, it keeps the look and feel of the previous 4-5(?) movies...can't judge the whole thing yet though... ;)