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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ardingly & X-Men

So anyway, this is what I have been up to..
On Saturday we went over to the smallholders show at Ardingly, and so wanted to buy a sheep, a rabbit, a tortoise and a piglet, but they just wouldn't all fit into the car! Ardingly is really cool, but it is just far too tempting to come home with significantly more animals than you arrived with! Lol, anyway, this time we managed to get away safely with only some nice Yorkshire cheese, and a new water feature. Every year there are these people who turn up with all these great Wensleydale cheeses with different things in, like Guinness, pineapple and mango, ginger, cinnamon and raisin, champagne and strawberry.. well needless to say, we kinda ended up with one of each! The novelty will probably wear off a bit tomorrow when I go up to York to stay with Ruth for a couple of days, they will probably be selling it everywhere!

Today we decided to nip over to Crawley to try and find somewhere air conditioned with cold drinks! It was so hot today! Well done Flyingpops btw!! That is seriously impressive running anywhere in this heat! So, we ended up at the cinema, perfect. We also arrived at the perfect time to catch X-Men: The Last Stand, which was really good actually! I enjoyed it very much, except when they killed off Patrick Stewart half way through (oops spoiler, sorry!)! I thought that was a little mean!


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Well, it's the last part of the trilogy...they can kill off who they like... ;)

bigblue said...

I don't think that's a spoiler. It would be a spoiler to say that he loses his body but seems to take over somebody else's later on.