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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Eeeh up..

So yesterday evening I got back from Yorkshire. I went up there for a few days to lend moral support to a scared-result-getting Ruth. I can't believe how mean they have been to the Psych students at York, ever since the strike action they decided to withhold all of their marks, including dissertation grades, until results day! At least it was only the exam marks I had to wait for! Mind you, it is not as bad as this horror story that I heard while I was up there.. apparently when it came to the degree results for the York English students, the office had made some kind of spreadsheet mess up which meant that everyone's results up on the board were out of synch by one, so everyone had someone else's degree classification up against their name! That is so bad! Lots of surprise marks! Apparently, the error was only noticed when one girl stormed into the office, adament that she was a "first class student", and demanded to know what this 2:2 was all about! Lol, I think I would have just shrugged my shoulders and gone home! I actually feel sorry for the people who appeared to have miraculously got 1sts after drinking for 3 years, phoned up all their friends and family, and headed off home before the problem was noticed, only to be greeted at their graduation by 3rds! Hehe..

Anyway, after all Ruth's anxiety, she got a first --hopefully they didn't mess up the spreadsheet this time!
Ruth showed me this cool spaceship on campus, which is apparently where they garduate from! Wow, makes the Corn Exchange seem kinda boring! But at least we get the Attenborough from Jurassic Park as our chancellor!

On the lake there are also a nice selection of mutant ducks, and black swans, experiments of the Biology dept no doubt!

This is York minster. When I arrived from London, we got the best ice cream (2 scoops + choice of flake flavour/choc sauce topping flavour/choc dipped cone flavour, wow!), and sat in the gardens around the back!

There is also amazing choral evensong there, which we went to last time I visited. It is definitely well worth going to!

As Ruth was in the process of moving back home, and no longer had a room on campus, we stayed with her grandma in Upper Dunsforth. Take a look at the aerial photo of this place! I'm not sure if there is even a shop within a 10 mile radius, lol! It's strange how you think you live in the countryside in Surrey, it's only when you visit places like this that you realise how crowded the South really is! I was amazed at how very dark it was at night without the glow of streetlights, and how quiet without occasional people walking past, and cars and trains whirring by.


bigblue said...

That's a lovely neck of the woods. Fountains Abbey is one of my favourite places in the world. Have you been there?

kipperfrog said...

Yeah it really is beautiful around there! I saw the signs for Fountains Abbey when we were driving about actually, but it was a flying visit so I didn't have much time for sight-seeing! James has never been to Yorkshire though, so I'm planning to take him up there soon, so we will definitely have to pay a visit!