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Friday, July 21, 2006

Godstone, Staffhurst Wood & The Watermill Jazz Club

I've been out a photographing this week! I've given myself the job of redesigning the Godstone Village School website as a little project, (my version's not uploaded yet lol), only really got the template so far, but I'm slowly adding content. We thought it would be quite nice to get the kids to draw a portrait of each member of staff, and write something about them for one of the pages, I've just been adding them today, some of them are pretty funny! I also thought I'd have a wander around the village to try and get some photos of the local area while it's sunny, to put on there too.

This is the pond on Godstone green.

Yesterday evening we headed over to the Royal Oak in Staffhurst Wood, just past Hurst Green, for supper. I really like the beer garden of that place, it is lovely in the summer to sit out there, and it's normally not very crowded as I guess not too many people know it's there, oops! It's really out in the wilds, and very quiet, bar the sheep (sorry).

This is the view from the beer garden

Wandering through the fields..

And finally, this evening we went with Mum & Dad to the Watermill Jazz club over in Dorking. Basically the deal is, every Thursday they get a different group to come in and play, and sometimes it is a gamble as to how melodious it will be. Luckily, today was a good one! The drummer really was talented, he managed to hold the attention of the room for the entirety of his 2 minute solo, I think that's fairly impressive!

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