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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Denne Hill, Horsham

Denne Hill, Horsham
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Hooray! Today we finally made it up to Denne Hill, Horsham's answer to Reigate Hill! We actually did it the cheaty way by driving along Worthing Road towards Southwater, and parking up in a private road right at the top of the hill, next to a public footpath. It's excellent, you just walk across the field, and there you have a lovely view all over Horsham! Unfortunately my phone camera doesn't really do it justice, we'll go up there again and take some proper photos soon. You can also look straight across, over the town, and see big hills on the other side too! I'm pretty sure I was looking at the North Downs and Leith Hill over to the left, but I noticed there was a smaller hill a bit closer by too. We'll have to investigate! As long as it's not the stinky Warnham landfill mountain, it might be worth a visit!

Now that we know where we're going, I think that will make a really nice walk up from the church in town. All you have to do is walk around the back of St Mary's church, over the river, through the field alongside the cricket club, over the railway bridge and you're at the bottom of the field in this photo! Should only take about 10 mins from the church I reckon. Next time we'll try not to cheat!

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Anonymous said...

Love the idea of a cheating way to appear at the top!