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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Snow snow snow..

Horsham snow
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What a snowy week! I haven't actually been in to work since Tuesday! I only wish it wasn't so annoying working from home, the Internet connection is so slow, it took 2 hours to save this script I was working on, where it takes about 2 seconds from the office :S! No matter though, it's cool being at home in the snow, waking up and finding that someone has deposited a playground outside your front door! James and I went out and built a big snowman at the end of the road late on Tuesday night when it had already got to about a foot deep, and all our neighbours were laughing at us. Good juvenile fun! We then had to throw snowballs at our Sky dish to knock all the snow off, it really works! It's got a bit deeper now after a few days of snow, and we only just managed to get our car out of the drive for the first time today.. there was lots of wheelspin and not much else yesterday! It does make you appreciate the 4x4s when you see your neighbours drive straight off.. hmm.. they may look ridiculously over the top in the summer, but in the snow, you do kinda want one!

It's funny, we went to Blacks in town today, I have never ever seen it so busy in there! I've also never seen Horsham so full of adults and kids kitted out in skiwear, and teenagers in thin jumpers looking like they're about to cry! Talking of ski clothes, I think we've finally come up with the key to staying warm in the snow.. it's all about the layers! Here's the best combo if you ask me..
-waterproof shoes (Merrells rule!)
-brasher socks
-base layer leggings
-ski trousers
-base layer long sleeve top
-ski jacket
-wooly hat
Failing that, Bear Grylls recommends naked push-ups, it's up to you!

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ninjabathy said...

Hehehe!! Naked push-ups are the ONLY way to get truly toasty. I wonder if Ray Mears would do them. Now there's an image if ever I imagined one! Ray Mears, naked push-ups, and pineapple-fritters... ummm, tasty.. *gag*