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"Don't think, feel....it is like a finger pointing towards the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!" -Bruce Lee

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birtday to me!

.. as my card from James wished me! In honour of my cake wrecked card, here's another of my favourites!

and here's a smiley doughnut cushion I got today!! =)

What a nice sunny day to have off work and sit in the garden!

Update: Haha, check out this little fella from Mum and Dad..

I love it!!

And of course, no birthday is complete without a smarties covered deckchair!

Photos of the garden to follow, once i've finished planting up the new veggie patch!

James and I just got back from Jamie's Italian in Guildford, it was as delicious as the last time when we went to the one in Bath! Now it's time to relax in front of the Brighton sunset, now adorning the wall.. Ahh..

Thanks everyone for a lovely birthday! =)


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Happy Birthday!!!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

...and when are we going to see you both? We have presents to give! x

kipperfrog said...

Ooh wicked, thanks! =) I think we're free this weekend if that's any good? X