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Monday, April 05, 2010

Broadbridge Heath walk

Fields near Horsham
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Well today, after realising at the crucial moment, that our new National Trust membership cards haven't shown up through the post yet, we decided not to fork out £11.50 entrance fees (!) for Wakehurst Place, and headed back home for a more local walk.

We drove over towards Rookwood Golf Course and parked up near the entrance to the fields on Robin Hood Lane. There's a really nice field walk across farmland there, and you usually spot a few deer running about the place too!

I always like finding new circular walks, this one is about 2 miles and it's quite relaxing, no hills or anything. It seems to be quite popular with dog walkers. We normally get to the farmer's house and then feel we ought to turn around again, but today we actually followed the proper public footpath signs, and it turns out the paths lead to Broadbridge Heath Lane, just near the village. Just walk along this road for a while, and you see a right turn back on to Robin Hood Lane. Lovely! I like it when a plan comes together.


Mum said...

Sounds good,we need to try that one!

kipperfrog said...

Yeah, it's right near your new house actually, so it'll probably be your nearest dog walking place!