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Thursday, February 04, 2010

That's about right..

I've just finished reading 'Are You Dave Gorman?' by Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace, so sad! That's the final Dave Gorman book now, what am I going to do?! I've really got into these books since I randomly picked up 'America Unchained' a few months ago. Each book is a true story about some crazy drunken-bet induced adventure Dave Gorman has got up to in his not so distant past. He certainly is an admirable procrastinator, I would love to have the time and lack of nagging conscience to be able to dedicate a year to hunting down something completely pointless, for no particular reason. It sounds like lots of fun! To weave a career out of it too, it's brilliant!

There are three books, which I actually ended up reading in reverse order:
-'Are You Dave Gorman?' in which Dave's flatmate Danny, in jest, bet him that he wouldn't be able to meet 54 other Dave Gormans.. little did he know what kind of housemate he was dealing with.. for the following 6 months he would be dragged all around the world to prove himself wrong!
-'Dave Gorman's Googlewhacking Adventure' in which Dave was supposed to be a grown-up novelist now, and putting all that crazy adventure business behind him, but instead ended up getting obsessed with Googlewhacking, spending his publisher's advance on travelling around the world to meet other Googlewhacks. This time, his friend Dave Gorman (from the first adventure), bet him that he couldn't find a chain of 10 Googlewhacks before his 32nd birthday. Tense, compulsive, and hilarious is all I can say.
-Finally there is 'America Unchained' in which Dave Gorman decides to travel coast to coast across America without using a single chain store, no chain store petrol, food, hotels or anything! What a nightmare!

One thing you learn about Dave Gorman is that he never turns down a challenge. Particularly if there is tequila involved.

Now, this is something I totally didn't realise -
We went to see the Jim Carrey film 'Yes Man' last year, it's all about a guy who decides he's going to make a positive change in his life, and from then on will never turn down a single offer of anything. He decides that whatever he sees advertised, whatever he is invited to, whatever he is offered, he will respond 'Yes!' and deal with the consequences. Sound familiar?

Well, this morning, I was looking at Goodreads to check whether there were any more Dave Gorman books for me to read, and low and behold, up popped 'Yes Man' by Danny Wallace! I had no idea the original novel was written by Dave Gorman's flatmate, but it totally figures! I think that will be the next thing to be added to my reading list..

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