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Friday, February 12, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Uh-oh

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I think I may have tempted fate a little bit talking about Spring coming last week on Skywatch Friday! Today has been nothing but rain, and very cold rain too! Brr! I'm just glad there's no snow yet though (although there is still a stack of it left in the car park from a month ago?! That's Dorking for you!). Needless to say, I did not eat my lunch outside today.. in fact I completely forgot to eat my lunch at all, until about 3 because I was too busy trying to break websites! Thanks to Will's parting gifts though, I am now full up of yummy sweets from China! =) ..and I am wondering where I am going to find some more of that warm coconut drink!


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the sweets, ginseng and royal jelly serum and the coconut drink.

I haven't seen them anywhere in the UK and I bought them from Hainan Island, China and is a speciality product from there.

Coconut trees in China?!

Yeah - They calling it Hawaii of the Orient - Well they've got abit of a way to go!

If I see anywhere here then I'll be sure to let Kipperfrog know.

What does Mr Kipperfrog think of it?

Or have you hogged them all to yourself?

kipperfrog said...

Thankyou! Well it is delicious! I did allow Mr Kipperfrog one sachet, and he also snaffled the coconut Werther sweet while I was at work! Yeah he liked it too! He immediately started googling it to try and buy some more, lol! Wow, I just took a look at that island, it does actually look kinda like Hawaii, how cool! =)

Did you start your new job yet?