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Sunday, November 29, 2009

London Christmas Lights

OK, so I can't take credit for these pictures, but I can assure you this is what Oxford Street looked like yesterday! There seems to be a bit of a 'A Christmas Carol' theme going on, though I'm not sure what all the umbrellas and Star Trek insignia lights were all about! Very pretty nonetheless.. Although we took a camera with us, there was far too much shoulder barging going on to even consider getting any photos of Oxford Street. It was absolutely packed! Nothing, I might add, compared to the perfume department of Selfridge's though, ugh! Bottles smashing, perfume flying everywhere! I felt like Mr Bean in the Allders episode! It's a shame you need to go through that section to get to just about anywhere else in that shop.. I just wanted to get to the food hall!

london oxford
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Waiting for the rain
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The food hall in Selfridge's is just brilliant! It has loads of random food from all over the world, all the funny ingredients you see in recipes and wonder where on Earth you were supposed to get them from (a case in point - tins of Pumpkin puree.. we searched everywhere for the Pumpkin Pie recipe!), a yummy looking deli, loads of huge gingerbread houses, every conceivable variety of chocolate product, beautiful cupcakes, and of course a Yo Sushi! restaurant, a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, a Jelly Belly shop, Oddono’s Icecream (yum).. and I can't forget to mention.. designer water?!? Paul Smith for Evian, and Bling H2O.. it made me laugh! Please tell me nobody buys this..

The home accessories department is also worth checking out if you like that sort of thing! I love unusual things, and this floor is full of them.. a lot of restraint (and begging to go home from James) was applied to only come away with one goody.. a royalvkb self cooling terracotta water carafe! =) Although, even James did concede that it was quite cool, if not for the crowds, and his hungry appetite for dinner. Probably dinner time on the first Saturday of Christmas shopping after payday is not ideal for a relaxing shopping experience!

Anyway, we didn't spend the whole day in Selfridge's! We actually started out in Covent Garden, and it was looking very nice and festive too.. there were violinists playing Pachelbel's Canon inside the building, which was lovely. I guess that piece of music will always remind us of our wedding day from now on!

Covent Garden
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I liked the giant wonky Rudolf..

Covent Garden
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and the HUGE Christmas tree!

Covent Garden
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For dinner, we thought we'd have a treat, as we were feeling all Christmas-y and holiday-ish, so we headed to Crispy Duck in Chinatown! Officially the yummiest Chinese restaurant in London since Oriental City in Colindale shut down for good..


Anonymous said...

Errrr ..... I know exactly the bling H2O you're talking about.

Coz I picked a bottle up and I did like the product but the price tag of a number of scores proved just abit too much. ;)

kipperfrog said...

Haha, well I must admit I was curious! Did it taste significantly better than normal water? It could become a problem if it's too nice, that's the thing!

Anonymous said...

It tasted fearfully precious ....

Like as if I were in some dystopian future where only the super rich could afford real food with 5000 dollars for strawberry jam whilst the hoi polloi had to make do with little plastic looking green chips .....

Anonymous said...


Glad u like Crispy Duck! It's pretty cheap and cheerful!

HK Diner round the corner is pretty good and fantastic for post drinkies muchies and much better than a kebab that you always regret the next day. (if u were a meat eater that is).

You should also try out dim sums at Crispy Duck sister restaurant. 100 yards down the precint. They even have pictures and just give me a call and I'll talk you through them. :)

No stitch up orders either ..... promise!