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Thursday, August 10, 2006


I heard on the Oxted grapevine the other day that a new Sainsburys local is going to open on the high street. On Monday, James wandered over to J H Lorimers to buy some paint only to discover that they were in the process of moving across the road to where the card shop 'Something Special' used to be; an interesting choice because it's a much smaller building. We reckon the new Sainburys must have paid off Lorimers to shift premises, so that they can nab the bigger building! It's a shame actually because they now only stock half the things they did before, and have completely done away with their toys section, and modelling paints! Noo! I'm going to have to go to Croydon for those now! What they actually appear to have done is merged the two shops together, so now its pretty much the same as Sussex stationers, only without the books. I just hope this isn't a sign of Oxted changing in the same way that Reigate did, into a giant eatery. Hmm.. oh well, it might be nice to have a Sainsburys down the road I guess!


bigblue said...

Interesting. I wonder what hours they will be open. On Sunday evening I found myself going to the Coop in Westerham for something urgent.

There's a young kids toyshop that recently opened up down the road from Lorimers. They won't have modelling paints I suppose, but what about the craft shop across the road from "Cook"? Otherwise I think the closest might be that gamers shop in Redhill.

I agree with you about becoming a giant eatery. Talking of which Scarlett was telling me that the Gurkha Kitchen was identified (by some newspaper) as one of the top 50 Indian Restaurants in the country. Which is strange, because it's serves Nepalese cuisine.

John said...

At least it'll be an alternative to the hideous Morrisons, which never seems to have any of the goodies I need! ;-)

bigblue said...

Agreed - Morrisons is rubbish. They have cut back on all the organic fruit, veg and other products, and everything now has the ubiquitous M brand logo.

Anonymous said...

I work for JH Lorimers, and can confirm that they will be purchasing the old travel agent shop next door and make that into a nice comfy toy shop. The toyshop will contain the items you've mentioned. :)

Mia said...

Morrisons is Shitty!