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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Job & holidays

So, on Monday I walked about 30 metres from home for an interview @ friendsreunited, and walked out again 20 minutes later with a job, starting in September. Hooray! That's me sorted for the next 6 months then =) . This also means that we can now go on holiday without feeling too guilty about spending money. We were planning to head off to the south of France; that was however, before I checked my passport and noticed it expired in June! Apparently they can rush me a replacement if I go up to London next week and pay them 80 odd quid, but it won't get here until at least the 22nd which is pretty much the end of our time off anyway!

Being limited to only the UK, we have decided to do it properly: a grand tour. We are thinking of going all the way up to Edinburgh and back again through Wales, and then down to Cornwall for a bit of camping. It should be good, and we can see if we really do agree with what Bill Bryson had to say along the way! Ooh, he's actually doing a show at the Harlequin in Redhill in October, I think I may have to get tickets.


bigblue said...

Congratulations on the job. And amazing that it will be so close to home - ideal really.

Thanks too for the info on BB. I read a couple of his books some years back and enjoyed them. Might roll over to Redhill when he is there.

kipperfrog said...

Thanks! Yeah it was such a stroke of luck getting that one -I don't think I could have got anything more convenient!

Oh I'm glad you like BB, I just thought I'd mention it because I found his books quite funny, and so observant.

Flyingpops said...

Congrats on the job - Re passport, you can get them within the day if you make an appointment and then go and wait in the passport office... costs a bit more than usual though!

lazysaxophonist said...

Just logged on and saw your post! Well done! Sound's great what you are doing great britain tour wise! Might go and see BB myself too