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Friday, April 28, 2006

Trek News

To celebrate 40th anniversary of ST, Slimline DVD box sets (region 2) are being brought out for all the Star Trek series -priced @ £24.99 instead of 80 odd! That's so good! Shame we just bought all the TNG before that happened (still didn't pay the full price tho..hehe)! So far you can get the TNG slimlines off play, they're gonna release the others soon I've heard, which is good.. DS9 next!

Other Trek news..
J.J. Abrams, who will be producing the upcoming eleventh Star Trek film, refused to comment on whether rumours that it would deal with Kirk and Spock at Starfleet Academy were accurate and even suggested that he might not be helming the film himself.

"The whole thing was reported entirely without our cooperation," said Abrams to Empire. "People learned that I was producing a Star Trek film, that I had an option to direct it, they hear rumours of what the thing was going to be and ran with a story that is not entirely accurate."

Abrams added that those involved in the production had "made a pact not to discuss any specifics" of the story. StarTrek.com had claimed that the story would centre around Kirk and Spock's first meeting and their first adventure together in space. Empire noted that Abrams is a fan of the original series and quoted him as saying, "Those characters are so spectacular. I just think that...you know, they could live again." StarTrek.com had cited Daily Variety and "sources at Paramount Pictures" in their statement that Abrams would direct as well as produce the upcoming eleventh feature film.

Hmm.. I think he's just annoyed because they wanted it to be hush hush for now..

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