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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Potterings in London

I was up in London on Thursday for work. I knew the conference centre was in Westmister, but I was totally blown away by the view out of the window!

The Shard is so nearly finished now. In the early morning mist, the top was in the clouds! After the conference finished I decided to do the tourist thing and check out Big Ben and the houses of parliament.

Something seemed to be going down in parliament. Everyone had poured out to watch the arrival of lots of posh looking cars with interesting number plates.. 1 CAM, 1 NAM, 1 POL, LEM 1, 1 CZE (not that I was writing them down or anything!). Then someone arrived, just out of view, to much applause! A bit of googling later, and it turns out the funny number plates belong to the fleet of cars used by the high commissioners of various countries, and that Aung San Suu Kyi was speaking that day!

Next up, I dashed over to the Science Museum. I saw in the Metro that morning that there was an Alan Turing exhibition on, so I couldn't miss that!

Pleasingly, they had a nice cybernetic tortoise there!

and an enigma machine..

It also looks like they've updated the space section too, with a few bits I recognized from the National Space Centre in Leicester, and a new globe-y thing!

Oh, and in Covent Garden, I spotted a really bizarre double shark headed frog thing holding up a phone box, as you do!

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Dear little kittens!
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