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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monet's Garden

Over half term we decided to nip over to France for a few days, James wanted to visit Taize for the first time, so we planned a few stops en route both ways. By lucky chance, we spotted that we'd be skimming past the town of Giverny on the way home, where Monet lived, and the location of his famous water-lily pond! This opportunity couldn't be passed up!

Not a bad view, once we finally managed to battle past the hundreds of tiny French children who were being forced to re-create Monet's masterpiece with scrappy bits of paper and pencils by their Art teachers! It was a beautiful garden, they were obviously going to extreme lengths to keep it in perfect shape, with gardeners every few metres, pruning and re-planting things all day long! I bet Monet never had it looking quite so good!

Another nice surprise was that inside his house was the biggest collection of Japanese art I've ever seen, with loads Hokusai and Hiroshige prints. What mighty fine taste he had!

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