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Friday, February 20, 2009


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We went for a drive all around the south on Monday, we started off going to Arundel, headed down to Selsey, and then ended up in Portsmouth for a very late lunch at about half four! We walked around and had a look at all the ships in the historic dockyard, then had a look around Gunwharf Quays. I was amazed to find the number of retail outlet stores there, which, if my understanding is correct, sell returned/discontinued products at heavily reduced prices. I think the next time I need some new clothes this will definitely be the place to go! Also, I noticed there is a whole Cadbury's shop, which is just awesome!

Anyway, we met up with our friend James down in Gunwharf Quays, and decided to go up the Spinnaker tower to see the sunset. It was well worth it, the view was amazing! Unfortunately none of us had our cameras, but we managed to get a few with James' phone. I don't think they came out half bad for a camera phone in the dark! Take a look at my flickr for the photos. You can actually see the whole length of the Isle of Wight from up there! In retrospect we really should have taken a piccie of the cuddly Spinny spinnakers they were selling in the gift shop at the top though, sorry! ;-p

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Mum said...

I see what you meant about "cuddly spinnakers"now!