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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Our neighbours' house, right across the road, has just gone up in smoke!!!! Firemen and police everywhere!

Update: Oxted school had the day off due to anticipated snow problems, so with lots of time on their hands, it seems that a group of them decided to break into our neighbours' garage, for a bit of drinking and smoking fun.. surrounded by stockpiled petrol. So that is how it started. They were spotted running away, apparently. It was lucky for the couple across the road that their son decided to stop by, as he was in the area, and noticed the smoke coming out of the garage.. I only saw what had happened when a siren outside our house jumped me, and I looked out of the window to be greeted with all the billowing smoke! Luckily everyone was fine in the end, and the house looks alright, so all is well.

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bigblue said...

Any news on this?