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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Strange thing at Oxted station..

Well, I was going to write about this on Thursday, but we seem to be having terrible trouble with ntl at the moment that's making the Internet soo slow/uncooperative! Interesting problem when you work from home, lol! (I notice it has a particular aversion to Friends Reunited admin for some reason, although I'm not sure I can blame it! My laptop didn't like genetic algorithms either, hmm.. ;P). Anyway, blogger has been a definite no-no for a while, but just at the moment it seems ok, so we'll see how long it will last before another mammoth phone call to ntl India is in order.

I'm sure you used to be able to ring them up and they would reset your box remotely to magic it better. Now it seems they can't. They tell you to disconnect all the cables in your house, running back to the phone to report after each one, turn everything off, then plug everything in again. He then got rid of me by saying I needed to wait 5 mins before turning anything on again. I was on the phone the first time for about an hour and a half, and he effectively told me in a very laborious manner that I needed to reset my box. Which I'd already done before phoning, hmm... Needless to say, it didn't work, so I had to phone up again! This time I said which particular website was being slow, and let him know that no-one else at work was having trouble with it, and he replied with the very helpful response "Well, it looks alright for me, madam". Lol. In the end he just ended up telling me to change my proxy server address by one digit, which seemed to help for some reason, but the speed does still seem to be fluctuating, a lot. Well, I don't know..

Lol anyway, there was a point to this post other than ranting on about ntl..

On Thursday evening we wandered over to the Oxted Inn for supper, and spotted some kind of incident at the train station. I'd been wondering what was going on because of the unusual number of sirens I'd heard going past the house earlier. Anyway, when we got to the station there were three ambulances parked outside, all deserted, but with the doors left wide open and the lights flashing. We were going to have a look inside the station to see if we could see what the matter was, but just as we got there the ticket guy had just locked up the front door so no one could get in. What I found strange was that there were no police, and the place seemed to be deserted. I would have thought that anything that would warrant three ambulances would also require the police, but maybe they'd already left. I'd just really like to know what it was, nosy as I am. It did seem odd!

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