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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Scary teen slang

Lol. I am starting to think that perhaps I am no longer 'down wit' the youth of today', and 'talkin' da lingo'. I just thought I'd post this funny link that Ruth sent me. It's a BBC quiz on modern teen slang, so you can see how many words you actually recognise. Apparently, according to a study by Lancaster uni, teenagers use just 20 words to comprise a third of their speech. Lol, and I'm quite sure I don't know any of them. (I managed to get 3/10 in that little quiz through pure multiple choice guesswork, is it just me?!)

I was also thinking this earlier in the week when I went up to Barnet again, for the team meeting/all day lunch, and one of my colleagues mentioned that her teenage son referred to his girlfriend, as his 'link'. Now that's a new one on me! Apparently it signifies an 'open' relationship, but the 'link' can only go out with other people that are linked in some kind of network.. it all sounds far too complicated to me!

It's crazy how quickly this new language has developed, it sounds to me a little like a McDonald's menu crossed with Nadsat, the language of Alex and his droogies in Burgess' 'A Clockwork Orange'. Eek, lets just hope the ultraviolence doesn't catch on too, or the jelly moulds come to that.

Here's a quick festive photo I snapped at Victoria, on my way back from London.. if you look really closely you can see a Christmas tree in there! I just thought it looked pretty..


bigblue said...

4/10 whooo! (er, I think ;-))

Mum said...

I scored a scary 5/10, rather fetch I think.

dad said...

I pride myself on getting 4/10 - the art seems to be to choose the least likely option and watch for the "Correct" response to pop up!joqki

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

5 for me...actually knew a few...(but we had been researching "Jafacian" at work the other day)... ;)

Laura said...

Scarily.....7/10. Pure guess work it has to be said!

Glad you put the piccy up...aren;t you glad I dragged you out of the station now ;o)

Oh..and we've all finished for today!!!

kipperfrog said...

Wow you all put me to shame lol! My anti chav selective hearing must be working too well