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Friday, May 27, 2011

Exciting things in Dorking

Well it seems that Denbies is getting a lot of celebrity attention now that global warming has improved their Chalk Ridge Rose to 'Best in World 2011' status. I have actually managed to miss two celebrities in two days! I had a heads up on Thursday that Prince Charles and Camilla were paying a visit at around 11ish, so I was planning to pop over and wave, but with the worst timing, I had a team meeting that overran until 12.30. By the time I got there they'd scarpered! Boo! I did see someone who looked like Jennie Bond, ex-Royal correspondent, driving away though!

Anyway, today I walked over there again to try and find the tree they planted yesterday, only to see a convoy of 3 cars driving up to the top of the vineyard, which turned out to be a camera crew. I followed them up there, and walked past them a couple of times to have a look, but I couldn't see who it was properly without walking right up to them. In the end, I guessed it must be Denbies updating their tour video after the Royal visit, and decided to take the scenic route down the hill to make sure I got on film.. hehe. When I was most of the way down the hill, I heard a load of Ashcombe D of E students who were bothering the film crew excitedly screaming, but by that point there was no way I was going to climb back up the hill again to see what was going on! I didn't think anymore about it until James picked me up after work, and told me that Matt Baker had been filming Countryfile in Denbies and on Box Hill today! I must've walked past him twice and not even realised. Typical! Still, at least I may still get on TV, wandering around randomly. I'm just hoping they didn't film me puffing up the hill!

Countryfile filming at Denbies

In other Dorking news - today I found out that there are caves in Dorking! How exciting! Apparently they were used for smuggling and cock fighting! The tunnels go down 50ft below street level, and connect up many of the shops underground - some sections even date back to medieval times! The entrance is the small blue door to the left of the war memorial on South Street. Who'd have guessed. I think I will have to book us on a tour!

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