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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Walks in and around Horsham

I spotted a reference to http://www.horshamhealthwalks.co.uk in the Parish Council Newsletter today. Apparently the Horsham District council runs guided walks in and around the town, ranging from short ones for beginners, up to all day walks for the hardcore! It looks very good, I might raid their website later for some walk ideas!


Sarah said...

Kipperfrog, i'm not sure how to contact you. I am desparate to find out about the Spyderman my little pony, do you still do them? I have a stallion called Spyder and I would love one as his mascot. Please please mail me I cannot believe you are just down the road too we are near Dorking. E mail is Pulfordsjp@hotmail.co.uk Hope you get this Regards Sarah

Sarah said...

Lower case so sorry. Sarah