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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eurotrip 2010: Scandinavia by car

So, I have finally finished uploading all of our holiday photos to flickr, all 3,000 odd of them! Just as well I killed my camera in Stockholm, otherwise there would have been even more!

We did visit a lot of places though, so that's our excuse. Driving holidays are definitely a cool way to see the world! I just love seeing the transition between the landscapes as you pass through the different countries, and all the random things you find along the way.

I just spotted this picture when I was looking through the photos - it was taken in Eidfjord, Norway. As the name suggests, it's a little town (or probably hamlet by English standards), right in a fjord, as just a few miles away from the enormous Hardangerjøkulen glacier. Look at the clouds resting at the bottom of the wooded mountain! There were waterfalls pouring down from the glacier all over the place, spectacular. It really reminded us of Jurassic Park!

This is the view to the right:


Øyvind said...

Hi it looks like you had a nice trip! It was fun to read your posts, I just posted a few shots from areas you were visiting too. :)

kipperfrog said...

Yeah it was brilliant thanks! =) We absolutely loved Norway! I did think of your blog when we reached Bergen. Funnily enough, I noticed you took a picture of exactly where we were, just the day after we were there!

Øyvind said...

Its a small world. :) Your photostream is incredible, lots of incredible nice shots! Or maybe tons is the right word. :)