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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Khoom Fay over Godstone green

Khoom Fay over Godstone green
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Driving back home through Godstone this evening, we were quite bemused and slightly concerned to be greeted by a giant, red, fire filled lantern, floating (unattended) about double-house-height above the green.. when we stopped off to fill up with petrol at the garage, we noticed a whole line of the things hovering over the village! We grabbed a photo as we headed towards Oxted and saw yet more of them rising up from one of the fields! After a little investigation, it seems they are Khoom Fay, Thai fire lanterns.. used as an alternative to fireworks for special occasions. They did look very pretty, but I am very glad that the wind was blowing them away from our house!


David said...

It's not the most obvious thing to expect in Godstone.

Anonymous said...

That would of been the Cubs in the village they spent an evening making them