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Friday, October 20, 2006

Sooo, what have I been up to this week..

It's been quite a busy week. Due to working with quite a high proportion of young Mums, my holiday entitlement does not seem to include half terms. This is due to "Temp's rights", i.e. none. Lol. Oh well, so I decided if I wasn't allowed half term, I would take a few days off the week before, to potter around, and do some catching up with things! It's actualy turned out very nicely; after working Monday and Tuesday, I went to Brighton with Ruth on Weds to have a look around the shops, and look in wonder at the amazing Halloween offerings in Choccywoccydoodah, drink Ben & Jerry's ice cream milkshakes, and play with the record players in HMV. Always good. We also sat on the beach for a while, until we became unnerved by an aggressive looking man throwing rocks in our general direction, lol, I think he was fixated on a can about 2 metres away from us, oblivious that some people prefer not to be hit by the resulting shrapnel -fussy, I know!

Anyway, then yesterday, I headed over to Laura et al's to meet new baby Charlie, and play trains with George! =) It is amazing how quickly they grow!

And this evening we're off to Bath. AA route planner seems to be a little bit up the creek at the mo, but hopefully we won't get too lost. Actually, the last mishap we had with AA routefinder was kind of my fault, hrm, because I printed off the directions to Bluewater, and already had some printed directions to Horsham lying about in the car. Somehow, I really don't know how I managed this, the directions sort of got mixed up, and we kind of ended up in Crawley. Lol, what was most embarassing was the number of times that James had actually said "really?!", "I really don't think this is the right way Lucy.. are you sure this is to Bluewater?". Oops.

Oh yeah, we do actually have some photos from last weekend to upload too. On Saturday we went to Bluewater(!), actually the not-to-scenic route this time, followed by Canterbury -we looked around the cathedral and everything (in the midst of Fresher's arrival day I think). I really like Canterbury cathedral, I think the stained glass windows there are amazing. Sunday was James' Mum's unofficial birthday, so we went over to Hinchley Wood for tea and a Chinese, after stopping in on Wakehurst Place for a bit of Autumn photography.

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